About us

Welcome on Vip-Service site. Created especialy for foreginers who come to Poland. Our company offers composite unity service concerning staying in Warsaw, and in Poland in general.

We provide help for foreginers who decided to come here for work. We can help You with office matters, and administrational problems (visas, work permissions etc.) We organize bussines meetings, conferences, and work free time.

Activity sphere of VIP-Service is divided as follows:

  • Staying and relocations
  • Reservations (hotels, tickets etc.)
  • Bussines (all aspects)
  • Health (SPA, dentists, hospitals, plastic surgery)
  • Assist (translator, lawyer, bodyguard, driver, escort-service)
  • Tourism (sightseeing - local, and rural)
  • Free time (movies, clubs, pubs, museums, opera)
  • We organize (banquet, conference...)
  • Formalities (offices, procedures, law, etc.)

Our services are designed for institutions and indyvidual customers.
All our future clients we ensure of excellent quality service.
We work on the whole territory of Poland and in the main cities - Krakow, Szczecin, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Warsaw

We'll be waiting for YOU!!!

01-527 Warszawa, POLAND
ul. Mierosławskiego 2g
tel/fax: +48 22 8395742
mobile: +48 663 636 262