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Expats favorite districts
A lot of Expats is choosing Mokotow district. Thanks to its proximity to the City center, a lot of restaurants and parks it is a very good choice. Here we can find small quiet streets with newly build apartments as a completely new real estate housing close to a park. I use to call it the Polish version of NYC Central Park. One of the best shopping Malls - Galeria Mokotow is located here. Mokotow district is situated on the left bank of the Vistula River. In the South, it borders the districts of Wilanow and Ursynow, in the West - Wawer district, in the East - Włochy and in the North - Ochota, Środmieście and Praga Południe districts. Mokotow is a residential district. Embassies, residences, foreign delegations, well-known companies, public administration offices and radio and television broadcasting companies have found their place here. In the South-Western part of the district, within the close vicinity to the Okęcie airport and main roads and railway lines, there are service and industrial areas whose character is not burdensome. Nowadays, half of the inhabitants of Mokotow are people in the productive age (between 25 and 60 years of age). Children and youth constitute 26% of all inhabitants and elderly people (over 60 years of age) 24% of Mokotow inhabitants. The inhabitants of Mokotow can chose between 3 theaters, 2 cinemas, 9 museums, 20 allotment complexes and sport areas, 2 Jordan gardens, 17 parks, 23 sport clubs and 6 indoor swimming pools. Srodmiescie - City Center, it is good to go party, but I do not reccomend it as a place for living. Problems with parking the car, noisy, crowded, few green areas. You can find a nice place to live only on the borders of the district which are the Old Town an Zoliborz districts. Situated on the left bank of the Vistula River, in the very center of Warsaw. Środmieście district is characterized by the decrease in number of population and the greatest percentage of older persons (over 60 years of age) in Warsaw. Here, most of central and local authorities are situated. Culture and recreation Środmieście district can be called a cultural and recreational heart of the capital. Many cultural and sport events of local, national and international importance are held there. The biggest number of museums, galleries, theaters and cinemas are located there. Środmieście district also hosts a complex of monumental parks. These are, among others, Royal lazienki (lazienki Krolewskie), Ujazdowski Park, Botanical Garden and Saski Garden. In terms of cultural wealth, Środmiescie district undoubtedly surpasses all other Warsaw districts. And latest, but not last that I would like to present you it is Zoliorz. It is the most distant from your working place, anyway in 30 minutes you can arrive. Location Situated in the North-West part of Warsaw, on the left bank of the Vistula River. Culture and recreation With its excellent environment conditions, zoliborz district has a character of a residential and recreational district. A significant part of the district is constituted by green areas that create a unique picture distinguishing zoliborz from other districts. This picture is made up of: Kaskada (Cascade) Park, Kępa Potocka Park, zeromski Park and Sady zoliborskie Park (Zoliborskie Orchards), Cytadela castle park and bordering to the Old Town. The Sport and Recreation Centre "zoliborz" disposes of a complex of perfectly equipped swimming pools, as well as a fitness club, a sauna, a solarium, a biological regeneration center. There are also a sport shop, a buffet and a cafe-lunch bar. New sport complexes are planned to be build in order to extend the centre. Moreover, a cinema, a museum, 2 galleries and 3 sport clubs operatic in the district. One of the best shopping Malls Arkadia is located here.