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Why Warsaw?
Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and one of the biggest cities in the whole of Europe. It is the 9th largest city in the European Union. Thanks to its great development, modernization and investments, Warsaw catches up such cities as New York, Berlin or London. The Polish government is proud of having such a city in our country. They, as well as everyone, know that Warsaw, the metropolitan area, enjoys an amazing popularity. More and more people who live in other places than in the capital, are dreaming of coming to Warsaw as soon as possible. What is really important, not only the majority of them, but also a great number of foreigners from such countries as China, Russia, Japan or Bulgaria are coming to Warsaw every year. Why? What is the reason? It’s very simple. Warsaw is such a magnificent place which gives You possibility to find an excellent, well-paid job, suitable apartment in style and price You like and enables You to improve the lifestyle as quickly as You want. Moreover, Warsaw ensures citizens the European standards of living and gaining education, which nowadays is one of the most significant issues because employers have higher and higher requirements regarding job and possibility of hiring. Only in Warsaw, there is a huge number of language schools which offer to teach You not only European languages but also exotic ones, like Chinese, Japanese, Scandinavian or Arabic. They become more and more popular among Polish people and many of them are eager to learn those rare languages and know their culture. So that, everyone from abroad is here, in Warsaw, treated like “our” friend, not a “foreigner”. Warsaw is very tolerable and up-to-date, according to the mentality and way of thinking of citizens because since centuries Warsaw has been a destination for internal and foreign immigration, especially from Central and Eastern Europe. So that this city has become a centre of European culture.
Moreover, Warsaw, known for many years as an “Old Paris” or “Second Paris”, holds the finest institutions of higher education in Poland. There are four major and great universities and over sixty-two schools or colleges of higher education. Most of them are public, which means You don't have to pay for studying. It is a great advantage, as in other European cities it is obliged to pay for education.
Besides, as it was mentioned at the beginning, Warsaw is home not only for many national institutions and government agencies, but also for many domestic and international companies. In 2006, more than 304.000 companies were registered in the city. Warsaw's ever-growing business community has been notices globally, regionally and nationally. This is time, when world's markets, as Mastercard Emerging Market, noticed Warsaw economic strength and commercial centre. You can notice, hear or read in any business newspaper that a great number of foreign investors participate in our city's development, because they see the potential in Warsaw. So, You too should see it and trust in coming to this famous city. You have nothing to waste, but a lot of to gain.
Thanks to those investors and businessmen the unemployment rate in Warsaw is the lowest one in comparison with other European and Polish cities and towns. It doesn't exceed 3%, so we may be proud of it. This unemployment rate explains the fact that everyone can find a job in Warsaw. Obviously, it is not like in a fairy tale, that You come here and get at the beginning ten offers of a perfect job with great salary. But only in Warsaw, it is much simpler to find a job really quickly and work for proper remuneration, if You just want it.
Warsaw is unusual not only because of its history or great development but also because of its architecture and variety. This European city is perfect for everyone. There are eighteen various districts. Some of them lie in the centre of Warsaw, some of them are off the beaten track. It allows the residents to choose the most appropriate one, for example for those who love living in the heart of the city, who don't mind the noise and hustle and bustle, they probably want to live in such districts as Mokotów, Śródmieście or Wilanów. Those, who prefer silence, greenery and safety, will choose Żoliborz, Wola or Bemowo. As You can see, Warsaw thanks to its varied territory, creates an ideal place to live in.
Architecture is also varied. There are many skyscrapers, huge and very high blocks of flats, apartment buildings or office blocks but, on the other hand, there are numerous sights, parks, terraced or semi-detached houses which create beautiful housing estates. This is the reason why more and more people are coming to Warsaw to receive the possibility of improving their lifestyle, education, job and salary. They come here to begin completely new life. To feel that You really live and that You take advantage of life as much as You can. Just come to Warsaw and experience it.